Boot 2004 / Miami Boat Show 2004: mtu Presents New Yacht Engine 2000 CR

Posted on November 07, 2003

mtu will present its new yacht engine series 2000 CR at Boot 2004 in Dusseldorf and at the Miami Boat Show.
Friedrichshafen - mtu will present its new yacht engine series 2000 CR at Boot 2004 in Dusseldorf and at the Miami Boat Show. The output of the new model has been increased and the most modern technologies have been applied. Initially, the 8 and 10 cylinder variants will be presented, with 895 and 1120 kW respectively (1200 and 1500 HP respectively). Subsequently, 12 and 16 cylinder versions are also to follow. The new 2000 CR series follows on seamlessly from the current 2000 series, which have brought mtu great success on the market. With these engines, the company holds shares of up to 90% in the yacht market.

The power density of the new 2000 CR has been increased to such an extent that the new 10V 2000 CR provides the same output as the 12V 2000 currently on the market. In addition, the new 10 cylinder engine will be a third smaller in bulk volume than the current 12 cylinder and will carry only around 80% of its weight. The power-to-weight ratio of the new engine is 1.99 kg/kW (1.48 kg/HP - dry). This makes the 10V 2000 CR one of the lightest and highest performing yacht engines in its class. Engine compartments on yachts can thus be made smaller and the reduced weight has positive effects on the speed and handling of the boat.

In the new 2000 CR series, all of the components that have a significant influence upon output, consumption and exhaust gas emissions as key technologies were newly developed. For example, the 2000 CR series uses the efficient Common Rail injection system (CR) that has been employed with great success in the larger mtu engines of the 4000 and 8000 series and in military engines. A further innovation in the 2000 CR series is a turbocharger system that creates a higher charge pressure and thus forces more air into the combustion chambers. The engine is also equipped with a new electronic governor with extended functions. Together with the new injection system this ensures improved combustion and thus reduced exhaust gas emissions and lower fuel consumption.