mtu MT883 engine completes 400-hour NATO endurance test

Posted on May 30, 2001

High-power version for AAAV amphibian produces 2016 kW

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High-power version for AAAV amphibian produces 2016 kW

Trier - The uprated version of the mtu's MT883 diesel engine has successfully completed the official 400-hour NATO test run at German Army test facility in Trier. This engine - MT883 Ka-524 - will drive the Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAAV) of the US Marine Corps. It delivers 2016 kW (2740 HP) max. sea-mode power, enabling the vehicle to plane at speeds above 25 knots.

In combination with other mtu-typical tank engine design features such as maintenance-free valve adjustment and air prefiltration, low-maintenance air fine-filter system, high-performance heat exchangers, high-amp generator, etc., the well known 1100 kW MT883 , which is already in series production in the French Leclerc (for UAE), has been developed to meet the AAAV's requirement for highly reliable engine performance at extremely high power levels in combination with a low space and an aggressive low weight design.

The 400-hour NATO test run has been the last major milestone in the Program Definition and Risk Reduction (PDRR) phase and will now lead to the Systems Development and Demonstration (SDD) Phase where mtu will deliver 14 engines for the testing of 10 vehicles.