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480kW engine meets the beet

Posted on November 06, 2019 by Katrin Auernhammer


Since September, the Stage V mtu Series 1500 engine from Rolls-Royce has been powering the series production 'Beet Eater' EVO 625 /925 harvester from Dutch agricultural machinery manufacturer Vervaet. The engine is also EU Stage V-compliant. Vervaet already received their first Stage V pilot engine in early 2018 and now has implemented this engine in their series production.

The Series 1500 unit delivers 480 kW and 653 HP and further boasts a fuel saving of 3% compared to its predecessor. The engine torque at low rpm being particularly high, beet-lifting can also be done at low speeds. mtu-brand engines from Rolls-Royce have been powering the new Vervaet beet harvester generation since 2014. The first engine to be used was an EU Stage IV-compliant Series 1500 unit with 460 kW. Early 2018, a pilot engine with Stage V compliance was installed and tested and since September, it has become the regular drive in EVO 625 Beet Eaters. With that the power output was increased by 20 kW to 480 kW.

The Vervaet Beet Eater EVO harvesters are suitable for lifting sugar and fodder beets as well as celeriac and large-rooted chicory, and can be tailored to suit the customer's ground conditions and harvesting requirements. Since there is a choice of systems depending on which type of root crop is being harvested, both sugar beets and celeriac can be lifted gently from the ground. Their leafy tops can be processed as required and the beets cleaned before they land in the 25-ton bunkers. Once the bunker is full, it is emptied by the harvester in 50 seconds.

Vervaet is a traditional Dutch company based in the town of Biervliet and has been building self-propelled beet harvesters since 1974. These include the Q-series and EVO Beet Eater range. In 1990, it added Hydro Trikes, which are liquid manure processors, to its portfolio. Vervaet supplies customers worldwide, notably in the Benelux countries and England. A family firm with 180 employees, it produces between 75 and 100 new machines per year.  

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