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Hybrid E-Drilling Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your drill rig  –
with combined Genset and Battery solutions

Low energy costs are indispensable for profitable drilling operations. mtu EnergyPacks offer a scalable hybrid E-drilling solution that allows you to optimize load profiles and add battery capacity to various site

applications. By uniquely integrating gensets like the mtu DrillingPack with battery energy storage solutions, they enable you to unlock the full potential of your drill rig.

Flexibility & reliability

Our advanced battery energy storage systems (BESS), mtu EnergyPacks, ensure excellent frequency and voltage stability, power supply and auxiliary backup.

Cost optimization

By enabling generators to run at optimal load profiles, mtu EnergyPacks help reduce capital spending. They also lower overall operating expenses, for example, for fuel, maintenance and parts.

Power stability

Within milliseconds, the mtu EnergyPack responds to voltage and frequency fluctuations by supplying or absorbing reactive and active power.

Asset utilization

mtu EnergyPacks supplement power during peak load periods and reduce the number of generators needed to power drilling operations, thereby enabling absolutely optimal asset utilization.

Auxiliary power

They can also be used as stand-alone solutions to provide auxiliary power for applications such as accommodations.

Working environment

mtu EnergyPacks create a cleaner, safer and more comfortable working environment with reduced noise levels.

Reliable, sustainable and economical energy solutions

Scalable solutions for every customer need.

Use case: Achieving peak efficiency with hybrid drilling

Cut operating costs by up to 26%

Low operating costs are crucial for land drilling companies. Hybrid drilling solutions utilize battery energy storage systems (BESS) to efficiently manage power generation asset utilization. The result is significantly lower operating costs. Download the following use case and learn how you can:

  • Optimize power asset utilization
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Improve power supply availability

Scalable for every setup

Battery energy storage system

e.g. mtu EnergyPack QL or QM

Generator sets

e.g. mtu Electric DrillingPack

Switch gear / powerhouse

Top drive

Draw works

Mud pumps

Pipe handling equipment



Battery energy storage system

e.g. mtu EnergyPack QL or QM


Generator sets

e.g. mtu Electric DrillingPack


Switch gear / powerhouse


Top drive


Draw works


Mud pumps


Pipe handling equipment



Microgrid solutions portfolio

Excellent solutions for microgrid and storage projects

mtu EnergyPacks

Highly compact and scalable, these battery energy storage systems (BESS) are the ideal solution for optimizing frequency and voltage stability, power supply availability and overall profitability of onshore oil and gas operations. Covering the full power storage range from 400 kW to 2 MW, they store surplus energy and supplement it where needed within 1.5 milliseconds.

mtu microgrid controller

Serving as the "brain", the mtu microgrid controller seamlessly coordinates energy storage and demand between individual power generation assets. It precisely balances power supply and use for every specific demand, thus optimizing costs, carbon footprint and availability.

mtu Electric DrillingPacks

Integrating a highly reliable genset and radiator in one easy-to-install solution, the mtu Electric DrillingPack delivers continuous power at full load capacity in virtually all types of operating conditions. The unit starts without preheating and performs without a hitch at altitudes of up to 13,000 ft (4000 m).

Teaming up for your success

Successful projects are team efforts. We assist clients at every stage in planning and designing the solution that fits best. From simulation to

development, commissioning, services, repowering, remanufacturing and more – we’re there to help

Planning and engineering

Whatever your site setup, we provide expert planning and engineering support in helping you find the perfect power generation solution, including peripheral systems.

Service support

Along with our ValueCare Agreements, maintenance, repowering and other services for the complete product lifecycle, we offer plain old good expert advice.

Installation and commissioning

We’ll ensure that it is optimally integrated into your application and assist you with the commissioning process, including the preparation of necessary documentation.

Remote connectivity

We also keep your business up and running with a range of remote digital support offerings from our digital solutions platform.

Legal requirements

Have questions regarding legal requirements, for example, for the German Renewable Energy Act levy or formaldehyde bonus? We can assist you.

ESG commitment

Our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles is also strongly shaped by the views and concerns of customers and stakeholders.

Need help finding the perfect product or system?

No problem at all. Let one of our expert advisors point you in the right direction.

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