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We supply all the expertise, equipment and services needed to integrate complete power solutions for Sewage Water Treatment.

Sewage and water treatment plants remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants from wastewater. Due to the essential nature of these facilities, reliable power is a critical component to maintain 24/7 operations. To support these installations, we offer diesel generator sets covering the complete power range, and featuring industry-leading reliability and availability. While mtu diesel systems provide backup and standby power 24/7, our CHP modules provide one of the most economical ways for sewage plants to utilize waste energy.

Sewage gas, much like landfill gas, is freely available fuel onsite and highly efficient. From about 6m³ of sewage, mtu systems generate an average of 1 kWe of electric power and 1.2kWe of thermal energy. The electric power generated by the system can be used to supply the sewage plant itself or it can be fed into the electric grid. And the thermal heat generated inside the engine during the combustion process can be utilized for heating up the sewage sludge in the digester or for heating the whole facility. In large-scale plants, excessive high-temperature heat may be available that can be used to pasteurize or dry the sewage sludge.

Power Generation Solutions for Sewage Water Treatment


We rigorously analyze the power generation demands of your business and staff, as well as the applicable standards, guidelines, deadlines, and local conditions. This allows us to design the optimal solution for standby power, continuous-prime power, or microgrids & hybrid solutions to prevent future problems.


Our wide-ranging experience helps guarantee on-time development and delivery of your standby generator or prime power generator solution. Network communication and power distribution are enabled by our flexible decentralized control strategies.


We ensure optimum operation and integration of your standby generator and prime power generator with the local power grid and control network, including software implementation, emergency simulation, test runs and training.


We can provide 24/7 power generation system monitoring and comprehensive on-site service for all components conducted by experienced technicians with expert knowledge of regional standards and how to apply them.

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