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mtu Kinetic PowerPack supports critical BBC services

Posted on October 28, 2020

Dynamic UPS for welsh headquarters of U.K.’s famous broadcasting station considering challenging noise level and space requirements.


BBC Wales


Dynamic UPS


Designed to provide conditioned power to critical loads




The construction of the new headquarters of BBC Wales, in the summer of 2017, was one of the most significant developments undertaken in the country. Not only home to 1200 BBC staff, but also some of the most advanced broadcasting technologies and equipment, it is needless to say uninterrupted power is critical at the facility.

A well-considered selection process followed. Apart from uninterrupted power, efficient use of space was vital in the BBC's decision. The reason for the importance of this efficiency was, unlike its solution, slightly straight forward, to meet planning regulations, the BBC needed a sufficient amount of parking space in the building's basement.


Hence why today's mtu Kinetic PowerPack (formerly known as Kinolt KS) was selected as an answer to BBC's questions. The reason for this is the class-leading power density of the product, which is all thanks to its battery-free, compact design. Another primary concern for the BBC were noise levels. The nearby recording studios had to be isolated from any building plant noise.

According to the engineer manager, who was responsible for the project, the process was rather intense: “lt took place over several months and included technical evaluation of static UPS technology versus dynamic UPS. Eventually, we were able to develop a tailored UPS solution offering BBC not only trusted power but also giving them the maximum parking space in the basement, within project scope, and in line with budget limitations!”


Teamwork was a large part of the process, he states; "Working with our acoustics partners, we delivered on the brief of achieving a 57 dBA noise level when the diesel engines operate. The installation consisted of two medium voltage 2750 kVA systems supporting a redundant A and B distribution network. BBC continues to enjoy our support as we have a 24/7/365 service support contract in place, including a four hour guaranteed response time."

"The requirements regarding noise and space posed a unique engineering challenge, and we   delivered a solution tailored to these specific needs. Once again, we demonstrated that we look at UPS from a client perspective."

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