Rolls-Royce Power Systems is healthy

Posted on March 10, 2014

Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG has once again been honored with the Seal of Excellence of the Corporate Health Award.

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  • Corporate Health Award for outstanding health management
  • Extension of the Seal of Excellence for 2014 and 2015
  • Second place in the Engineering/Heavy Industry category

Friedrichshafen, March 10, 2014. Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG has once again been honored with the Seal of Excellence of the Corporate Health Award. As a result, the company has extended the certificate which it has held since 2012 as a company with exemplary health management, as well as improving its ranking in the Engineering/Heavy Industry category, to 2nd place. In total, the company scored 94.7 out of a maximum 100 percent. This puts Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG significantly above the sector benchmark and the level of all participants. "We're proud that our health activities put us among Germany's leading companies. This shows that we take our co-workers and their health seriously," explains Jörg Schwitalla, Executive Director for HR, Integrity and Operation.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems pursues a sustainable health strategy which is firmly integrated in the company's mission statement. The concept comprises work/life balance, sport and movement, preventative training in the workplace, healthy nutrition, medicine and prevention as well as health & safety and the company medical service. The "MiniTu" child daycare center opened by the company in Friedrichshafen in 2013 as well as the company's own "aktiv werk" health studio have been included in the assessment for the first time. The company's own bilingual child daycare center has capacity for looking after up to 40 children of co-workers in the age range from 6 months to 6 years. "We intend to be an attractive employer for our co-workers and for future specialists, and family-friendliness is part and parcel of this more than ever before," explains Schwitalla. Co-workers in the Rolls-Royce Power Systems Group can take advantage of the "aktiv werk" health studio which is about 180 square meters in size. The co-workers attending the studio have access to qualified personnel as well as consultation from a physiotherapist. "We offer individual, expert advice and support as well as a balanced selection of equipment and courses," reports health manager Patrick Müller.

The "Long-term Individual Fitness and Encouragement" program, known by its acronym LIFE, has been established nationwide in the Group as a means of promoting personal responsibility for health. It comprises technical seminars and presentations on coping with stress, debt and addiction counseling, quitting smoking as well as nutritional advice, health days, relaxation opportunities and psychosomatic consultations.

An extensive health report will be published for 2013 as well, in which the measures taken will be documented and analyzed with regard to their effectiveness and efficiency. In 2014, the company health management scheme at Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG will join the "Luxembourg Declaration". "This means we commit ourselves to the promotion of occupational health in the European Union and we set common standards," explains Müller.
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