Keep your passengers safe with mtu Safety Monitor. At mtu we recognize that your passengers' safety takes top priority. SafeMon (Safety Monitor) helps you to reduce operational risks and to achieve safety objectives even faster and easier.

SafeMon exists to secure the safety of your passengers. It consists of a certified monitoring unit that comes with smart, safety-relevant functions, as well as all the associated safety and approval-related documentation. SafeMon's Safety Integrity Level (SIL) specifies that in the event of faulty or defective components, safety-relevant procedures such as braking, coupling or uncoupling, are guaranteed just as before. As a result, it helps to prevent consequential damage due to unwanted traction or overspeed.

At mtu we develop our safety technology in-house. That means it comes perfectly aligned with the mtu PowerPack. SafeMon is integrated directly in the power system via a simple hardware interface, which means that existing vehicles can also be readily upgraded. Rail vehicle manufacturers receive a complete package that has already been subjected to all hazard and risk assessments, so you can be sure that it comes certified for the safety level that you require.

Complete safety

Delivers a complete safety package for the entire power train.

Full control

Control all safety functions according to the required safety level.

One source

A complete power system that comes pre-aligned with mtu PowerPacks, certified according to the European Standard for Proof of Safety (EN 50129).

Simplify the approval process

mtu supplies all the associated documentation.

Implemented safety functions

The Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) have been determined in accordance with the CSM Regulation (Common Safety Methods) and confirmed by independent experts.  

  • SIL 1 - Avoid unwanted traction and protect against over-speeding.
  • SIL 2 - Ensure a safe shutdown of the PowerPack if required (Emergency Stop) as well as safe uncoupling.
  • SIL 3 - Disconnect the propulsion power (traction) safely.

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