mtu provides unmatched pumping power to remove water and waste at work sites

Posted on June 23, 2017

Excess water or sewage at construction and mine sites can wreak havoc on productivity. Mine sites need to preplan for unexpectedly taking on water at job sites, and this requires reliable pumps to remove ground water or sludge. Efficient pumps ensure work sites dry quickly so construction jobs aren’t thrown off schedule, and mines can remove surface water to avoid costly unplanned downtime.


Thompson Pump’s 6JSCL pump with Enviroprime System®


mtu 4R 1000


Power, Tier 4 Final certification, fuel efficiency and power density


Port Orange, Florida, USA

Thompson Pump’s 6JSCL pump with its Enviroprime System® is an industry-leading pumping solution for construction, industrial and mining applications. Thompson Pump worked with Interstate PowerSystems, a power products supplier, to select the mtu 4R 1000 to power the system. Perfectly matched to the pump’s demanding job description, the mtu 4R 1000 produces 228 hp at 2,200 rpm, and allows the system to manage high flows up to 2,010 gallons per minute and high heads up to 475 feet.
“Thompson Pump is committed to enhancing our products using the best technology available. Our high heads solids handling pump, with our Enviroprime System, powered by the mtu 4R 1000, provides uninterrupted service for our customers offering unmatched pumping power. This is a fine example of what happens when two great companies work together to create solutions,” said Christopher Thompson, president, at Thompson Pump.
Thompson Pump’s 6JSCL is an end-suction centrifugal solids-handling pump that is well suited for sewage bypass pumping and general construction dewatering. The Enviroprime System, prevents blow-by of sewage, effluent and waste from discharging onto the ground. Combined with Thompson Pump’s compressor priming system, the Enviroprime System features heavy-duty cast-iron construction and can dry-prime and re-prime automatically, which offers customers mid-range air handling capabilities for quick priming.
“In the pump business, it’s very important that the pumping operations and duty cycles aren’t interrupted by complex exhaust aftertreatment systems. One of the many advantages of mtu’s Tier 4 Final engine design is an “SCR” only aftertreatment solution. SCR aftertreatment does not require regeneration, which in turn eliminates interruption of equipment duty cycles and operation. This is a significant selling point for Thompson Pump and was very well received by customers at MINExpo,” said Jesse Martel, DOEM sales manager at Interstate PowerSystems.
In addition to offering a compact size and significant savings with a maintenance-free SCR aftertreatment system, mtu engines also help customers save on fuel costs. With second-generation common rail injection system and intelligent engine management, mtu engines are among the lowest fuel consumption engines on the market. mtu diesel engines meet the widest range of emissions specifications up to EPA Tier 4 final / EU Stage IV with optimized, efficient combustion processes.
“In addition to mtu’s Tier 4 Final strategy, another distinct advantage in this power class is the rated 228 hp in a 4-cylinder dual turbo configuration. The mtu 4R 1000 model combines unmatched power density with a compact design. This distinction was an integral part of Interstate PowerSystems power unit design, and Thompson Pump’s application requirements,” said Martel.
mtu’s product range is one of the broadest and most modern in the sector. To operate trouble-free even under extreme conditions, mtu engines are tested and proven for specific applications in a variety of market segments. With decades of integration expertise, mtu works with companies like Interstate PowerSystems, a member of mtu’s global distributor and service network, to deliver specifically tailored solutions and complete power packages perfectly adapted to specific applications like Thompson Pump’s Enviroprime System.
Thompson Pump is respected worldwide as a full-service manufacturer and provider of high quality dewatering and construction pumps, pumping equipment and engineering expertise for dewatering, bypass and emergency pumping applications. Since 1970, Thompson Pump has assisted clients worldwide with pump rentals, sales, service, repair, design, installation and operational support. Thompson Pump operates sales, rental and service centers throughout the United States with 20 branches and depots.