Diesel Particulate Filter: Exhaust aftertreatment for the reduction of soot emissions

Posted on August 01, 2011 by Guido Schäffner, Klaus Rusch, Dr. Daniel Chatterjee, Dr. Günter Zitzler

If in-engine measures alone are not enough to reduce emissions to the extent demanded by ever-stricter emissions regulations, a diesel particulate filter can be used for removing most soot particles from the exhaust gas.


Diesel Particulate Filter: Exhaust Aftertreatment For The Reduction Of Soot Emissions

Engine Technology

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Guido Schäffner
Design Exhaust Aftertreatment

Klaus Rusch
Design Exhaust Aftertreatment

Dr. Daniel Chatterjee
Pre-Development Exhaust Aftertreatment

Dr. Günter Zitzler
Thermodynamics and Turbocharging Systems