Technical Documentation

Our technical documents are tailored to the unique and specific needs of your equipment.

In this section, you will find technical documents like Fluids and Lubricants specifications as well as Preservation and Represervation specifications for your products.

If you require further technical documents (like operations instructions, etc.) for your products, you can obtain these from our Customer Assistance Center upon request.

Fluids and Lubricants Specifications
A001061/44E - All commercial mtu series (including Marine), DDC S60 Off Highway and two-cycle engines, mtu Series 1000-1600, 1800 are not included Download (PDF 1 MB)
A001062/04E - mtu Fluids and Lubricants Specifications for Series 1800 Download (PDF 926 KB)
A001063/05E - mtu Fluids and Lubricants Specifications for Series 1600, Application C&I, Genset, Marine, Oil & Gas and Rail Download (PDF 861 KB)
A001064/14E - Diesel engine-generator sets with Series 2000 and 4000 mtu engines Download (PDF 1 MB)
A001065/03E - mtu Fluids and Lubricants Specifications for Series 1600 PowerPack® Download (PDF 821 KB)
A001068/04E - Diesel engine-generator sets with Series 1600 engines Download (PDF 875 KB)
A001069/02E - Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) mtu EnergyPack QL, mtu EnergyPack QM, mtu EnergyPack QS Download (PDF 195 KB)
A001072/07E - Gas engines and gas engine-generator sets, Series 4000 gas engine – marine application, Series 4000 gas engine – generator application and engine-generator set, Series 400 gas engine – engine-generator set, Series 500 gas engine – engine-generator set Download (PDF 1008 KB)
A001091/00E – mtu Fluids and Lubricants Specification for mtu Hybrid PropulsionPack Download (PDF 496 KB)
Handling Laboratory Samples
Customer Information Download (PDF 3 MB)
Preservation and Represervation Specifications
A001070/06E - Preservation and Represervation for Specifications Engines and engine-generator sets – Diesel engines – all mtu series – Gas engines – mtu Series 4000 – Diesel engine-generator sets with mtu engines of Series 1600, 2000, 4000 – Gas engine-generator sets with mtu engines of Series 400 and 4000 Download (PDF 1 MB)
A001074/00E - Preservation and Represervation Specifications Gas engine-generator sets Series 500 Download (PDF 830 KB)
REACH Declaration
REACH Declaration Download (PDF 1 MB)

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