Delivering power and transforming energy storage.


Delivering power and transforming energy storage.


Delivering power and transforming energy storage.


Delivering power and transforming energy storage.


Delivering power and transforming energy storage.

Your Solution for Reliable Energy Storage and Distribution.

Are you in need of a powerful energy storage solution? Look no further than the mtu EnergyPack QL. With its cutting-edge technology and exceptional capabilities, this versatile energy storage system is designed to meet the demands of a dynamic and sustainable energy landscape.

Large & Versatile

Engineered to accommodate power and capacity requirements of up to 2,000 kVA and 2,200 kWh, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Seamless Installation

Our fully integrated solution ensures hassle-free installation, enabling you to get up and running swiftly.

Perfect for Industrial / Distributed Utility

Whether you're an industrial enterprise or a distributed utility, the mtu EnergyPack QL caters to your unique energy storage needs.

Factory Tested Design

A plug and play design that has been rigorously tested at our factory, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Unparalleled Energy Density

Experience the power of very high energy density, efficiently packed into a standard 40 ft high cube ISO container.

Built to Last

Designed to thrive in challenging environments, the mtu EnergyPack QL provides a sheltered and robust solution.

Efficiency at Its Best

Enjoy remarkable efficiency, ensuring that every unit of energy stored is utilized effectively.

Confidence in Performance

With an impressive performance warranty, you can trust that the mtu EnergyPack QL will deliver consistent results.

Transforming Energy Storage:
mtu EnergyPack QL

mtu EnergyPack QL transforms energy storage across various sectors, including industrial manufacturing, mining, public sectors, utilities, grid services, independent power providers, and remote communities. With a plug-and-play design for seamless integration, it offers unparalleled versatility, scalability, and safety features.  The mtu EnergyPack QL ensures reliability and efficiency in modern sustainable technology, making it the ideal choice for diverse industry applications.

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mtu EnergyPack QL

Power Capacaties:

1,000 kVA, 1,500 kVA, 2,000 kVA
1,069 kWh - 2,234 kWh

Customize your mtu EnergyPack QL to meet your specific requirements with options such as:

  • 50% overload capacity (Standard: 10%)
  • Operating at 50°C ambient temperature (Standard: 45°C)
  • Enhanced C5 corrosion protection (Standard: C3)
  • User-friendly Touchscreen HMI display
  • Choose with or without transformer (400V)

Transforming Fast-Charging in Singapore

Explore the future of electric vehicle charging in Singapore with three cutting-edge mtu EnergyPacks at Shell Recharge stations. Transforming sustainability and speed, these compact batteries harness local renewables, including rooftop solar. Boasting 180 kW per station, they redefine fast-charging in Singapore. The advanced mtu EnergetIQ control system ensures efficient power management, making ultra-fast charging a reality. Dive into the forefront of e-mobility innovation. Read more in our latest press release.

Curious about the mtu EnergyPack QL? Explore its energy storage potential.

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Empowering Symmetry Park Biggleswade: A Microgrid Marvel with Battery Energy Storage

Learn about Rolls-Royce's mtu microgrid at Symmetry Park Biggleswade.
Our cutting-edge solution not only ensures an independent and stable
power supply but also integrates state-of-the-art battery energy
storage: embracing resilience, reducing costs, and curtailing CO2
emissions with a future-ready energy solution. Join us on the path to a
sustainable, reliable and cost-effective power supply. Discover the
Microgrid Marvel with Battery Energy Storage at Symmetry Park.

Enhancing energy solutions to overcome grid challenges

Grid limitations pose significant obstacles for businesses, causing
extended wait times and ongoing power access constraints. These
challenges hinder the establishment of new businesses and limit the
expansion of existing ones. Intelligent microgrids offer a strategic solution for businesses to navigate and overcome grid challenges, unlocking opportunities for sustainable growth. This approach optimizes costs and mitigates emissions, contributing to a greener and more efficient operational environment. Discover how our solution empowers businesses to thrive amidst evolving energy landscapes, ensuring uninterrupted access to power and fostering a foundation for sustained success.

Reference Project: Norwegian Island in Arctic Ocean

Rolls-Royce is teaming up with Norwegian utility company Arva to ensure energy stability on the island of Senja. Our cutting-edge solution involves deploying three mtu EnergyPack QL battery energy storage systems.​


Installation of two EnergyPacks in Husøy and one in Senjahopen,
connecting them to also delivered medium voltage stations. Providing
reactive power stabilize voltage levels, peak shaving at PCC &
seamless grid replacement during power outages incl. blackstart

“This is not just Arva's first-ever battery storage project, it's also
the largest one of its kind nationwide. This will enable us to continue
to deliver cost-effective, efficient grid solutions to our customers as
the demand for electricity rises and changes.”  ​- Eirin Kjølstad, CEO, Arva, Norway


Stabilize public grid power supply​


Senja, above the arctic circle, Norway



Technical specifications

4.25 MVA and Capacity: 3.79 MWh


5 years of research project finally commissioned August 2023

Total Number of QL​


ValueCare Agreements for Battery Energy Storage Systems

In the dynamic landscape of energy storage, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your battery energy storage system is crucial. Trust in a partner that provides comprehensive care and guarantees reliability.
Technical data sheet
mtu EnergyPack QL Download (PDF 1 MB)

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mtu EnergyPack: the scalable all-in-one solution

Unlock possibilities with power storage. Our versatile EnergyPack optimizes power production, enhances grid management, and fosters stability.

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Microgrid Solutions

Microgrids are decentralized energy systems consisting of a combination of renewable power generation, power storage and conventional power generation in order to meet a given demand.

Download (PDF 10 MB)

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