Turn back the clock.

Factory Overhauls return your original equipment to like-new condition, delivering the same high standards of performance, service life and quality as the original new product.

Factory Overhauls are provided by the same experts who built your original equipment, utilizing the same rigorous standards as our factory remanufacturing process. As a result, your complete system, including gearboxes, loose parts (oil cooler, etc.) and automation/electronics, is fully restored. Valid for Series 183, 396, 493, 538, 595, 652, 956, 1163 and other engine series such as various Defense engines and Series 2000/ 4000.

Overhaul Process
Customized Restoration
  • Overhaul Process
  • Customized Restoration

Built to mtu Standards


Performed at select mtu factory locations, our rigorous restoration process does more than repair and recondition your equipment. It fully returns mtu engines and systems to original factory specifications thanks to our complete technical expertise and proprietary procedures based on decades of experience. As a result, your equipment delivers same-as-new quality and performance that only mtu can provide



Disassembly and cleaning

  • Complete engine disassembly
  • Paint and rust removed from all parts and components


  • On-site lab analysis of fluids and materials
  • Measurement, inspection and evaluation of all parts against factory-specified tolerance and wear limits
  • Performance of crack testing (on relevant parts)
  • Identification and execution of modernization requirements
  • Documentation of results and findings (optional, upon request)


  • Performance of reworking and machining using series production processes to achieve like-new tolerance requirements
  • Overhaul supplier components—such as crankshafts, coolers, heat exchanger inserts and couplings - conducted in partnership with original manufacturers and/or certified, audited sub-suppliers to ensure maximum quality


  • Initiation of assembly processes using remanufactured/rebuilt parts and components and new wear parts (gaskets, seals, bolts, screws, etc.)
  • Utilization of most up-to-date tools, specification documents and layout drawings for series production
  • Adherence to inspection plans developed in agreement with quality management, including documentation of key dimensions (dimensions sheets, templates, push-on dimensions) throughout the assembly process
  • Completion and documentation of order-specific requirements
  • Implementation of design and model related updates and upgrades (if applicable)

Acceptance testing

  • Test run using specified, order-specific peripheral settings to replicate difficult field conditions (e.g., extreme temperatures)
  • Documentation of engine values, evaluation and provision of plausibility assessment according to dispatch documentation
  • Customer/classification society participation (optional)

Final preparation

  • Priming and painting
  • Packing/preservation (commercial/seaworthy/long-term packaging rows if additional steps are required)

Rebuilt to Your Exact Specifications

Your engine has a history that includes everything from its unique operating conditions to how it’s integrated into your existing equipment. When maintaining your engine’s identity is essential and a customized restoration process is beneficial, an mtu Factory Overhaul is the ideal solution.

Wide range of customization options

  • Documentation and reporting of investigation following disassembly, including verification measurements and damage analysis
  • Invitation to evaluate scrapped parts and components
  • Provision of supporting evidence when additional corrective work is recommended
  • Completion and documentation of order-specific requirements
  • Participation in acceptance testing
  • Dynamometer testing under simulated operating conditions such as extreme temperatures
  • Documentation of engine values, evaluation and provision of plausibility assessment according to dispatch documentation
  • Priming and paint-finishing according to your specifications
  • Commercial/seaworthy/long-term packaging/preservation

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