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World's biggest mobile hammer mill shredder takes entire cars apart

Posted on October 13, 2020 by Lachland Eckardt

The Thor 2121 K is the largest mobile hammer mill shredder in the world. Powered by a twelve-cylinder mtu Series 4000 engine, it pulverizes small cars, for instance, in no time at all.

Where Thor rules, thunder and lightning are not far away. Small wonder, then, that Spanish recycling specialist ZB Group took the name of the Nordic deity as a guide for the world's largest mobile hammer mill shredder. The Thor 2121 K, for example, pulverizes small cars in no time at all. It is powered either by an mtu 12V 4000 C15 or a 12V 4000 C35 engine.  

Helping protect the environment
In the recycling business, a hammer mill is used mainly in situations requiring a very broad mix of materials to be crushed. Magnetic, optical and compression processes then separate the materials out and feed them back selectively into the re-use cycle. The engines used in the Thor 2121 K also score points when it comes to environmental protection, as they comply with the requirements of the Tier Four final (T4f) emissions regulation of the US Environmental Protection Agency.  

The Thor 2121 K is powered either by an mtu 12V 4000 C15 or a 12V 4000 C35 engine.

Use anywhere
One of the two high-performance shredders delivered so far is currently operating in French Guiana. However, it can be shipped anywhere where large quantities of scrap are to be processed. The shredder consists of a hammer mill container and a drive-power container which can be transported independently of each other. Within 2 hours or so the shredder can be set up and ready for operation.

Concentrated power
First the system is run up to 400 kW without load. When scrap reaches the hammer mill via the conveyor belt, the load factor is about 82%. The shredder is capable of shredding 20 to 40 metric tons of scrap metal per hour.    

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