Coming soon: mtu NautIQ CoPilot

Autonomous pilot assistance.

Coming soon: The virtual copilot at your side

Navigating with unparalleled situational awareness

As an autonomous pilot assist system, mtu NautIQ CoPilot is our most advanced autonomous system, using digital marine sensors, embedded electronic charts, advanced autonomous algorithms and broad-area

computer vision to support human-manual vessel operations with enhanced real-time understanding of objects, obstructions and traffic. In essence, it acts as a virtual onboard copilot at your side.

Increased safety

Autonomously handles re-routing and obstacle collision avoidance to significantly increase crew and vessel safety. It also reduces the risk of manual errors that could lead to accidents.

Increased productivity

It fully independently executes the navigation of routine transit routes, boosting vessel efficiency and productivity.

Increased capabilities

By supporting operators of steering and navigation duties, it allows them to focus on other tasks and potentially change their daily operations onboard.

Data fusion

Integrates computer vision with onboard sensors and wide-ranging helm and propulsion control systems.

Lower costs

Helps vessels to navigate with greater precision and predictability, which reduces fuel consumption, emissions and costs.

Greater accuracy

Always on the watch, mtu NautIQ CoPilot perceives and analyzes more data than a human can to relieve crews of routine vessel operations.

Choose from three operating modes

mtu NautIQ CoPilot consists of an onboard processing unit, camera system and processor, and user interface touch screen. Depending on the mission, mtu NautIQ CoPilot allows operators to choose between three data-driven automated vessel navigation modes – Guide, Guard and Voyage.
Guide Mode  – visual indication and audible alert of potential transit conflicts with vessels or other obstacles as well as low depth. No active control.
Guard Mode  – visual indication and audible alert of potential conflicts, giving operators signal to act. If no action is taken, the system takes over control to avoid dangerous situations.
Voyage Mode  – autonomous control of a planned voyage from start to finish with many built-in behaviors and features specially developed to support a diverse set of on-water operations.

Autonomous command at your control

Operating under the command and in complete accordance with the mission plan of the onboard crew, mtu NautIQ CoPilot provides multiple benefits to operators:
  • Enhanced situational awareness through sensor fusion and visual AI
  • Navigation assistance or full autonomous command (3 modes)
  • Reduced crew fatigue by being freed from routine tasks
  • Voice command

Sample solutions

mtu NautIQ CoPilot offers a broad spectrum of applications for customized autonomous command and control. Here are some examples:

A new way of flexibility

Captains and bridge crews are no longer confined to the wheelhouse, allowing for greater flexibility and productivity onboard recreational crafts. Whether this be crews transiting between superyacht tenders and mother vessels, ferrying people and cargo, or enjoying a remotely controlled pleasure craft focusing on those onboard, the mtu NautIQ CoPilot allows for a new way of spending time on the seas. All with the advantage of reducing risk with enhanced situational awareness enabled by computer vision.

Transit autonomy

Operators can establish a transit mission by plotting navigational waypoints and legs and call on the system to autonomously navigate the course along the waypoints. mtu NautIQ CoPilot automatically controls and adjusts the vessel’s helm for heading and course, the propulsion for speed according to preestablished variables, position, electronic chart information and environmental awareness.

Mission pattern autonomy

mtu NautIQ CoPilot can generate and conduct missions to perform pre-established patterns of waypoints and legs, for example, to conduct a geographic area survey where the system automatically generates a series of waypoints and leg-paths along the waypoints. The system automatically controls and adjusts the vessel’s helm and propulsion according to the generated survey grid and pre-established variables.

Collaborative vessel autonomy

mtu NautIQ CoPilot can control a host vessel to autonomously track and follow a “mother” vessel at a pre-defined distance and position. This feature requires an optional communication beacon for installation on the mothership. It processes the speed, position and heading of the mothership and transmits the data to the host vessel, and also supports collision avoidance, low depth protection, and seakeeping behaviors.

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