Power Generation


We supply all the expertise, equipment and services needed to integrate complete power solutions – from fuel supply to electrical design.

From large events to natural disasters, providing reliable prime power on demand is critical. Wherever power is needed—construction site, quarry, events or natural disasters – mtu mobile power modules are ready. Mobile power modules are ideal for power rental fleets, and perfectly suited for prime, emergency and standby use. Each module consists of a mobile ISO container, 550kW or 1000kW generator set and optional chassis for maximum portability.

Mobile power modules are readily available for rent or purchase through our extensive distributor network. The power module’s high-strength steel containers are CSC certified and built to ISO standards. Each generator set is designed for extreme temperatures and dusty environments and rated at 50° C. For easy transport and storage, they’re stackable. An optional chassis meets general transport requirements.

Rental Power Generation


We rigorously analyze the power generation demands of your business and staff, as well as the applicable standards, guidelines, deadlines, and local conditions. That allows us to design the optimal solution for standby power, continuous-prime power, or microgrids & hybrid solutions to prevent future problems.


Our wide-ranging experience helps guarantee on-time development and delivery of your standby generator or prime power generator solution. Network communication and power distribution are enabled by our flexible decentralized control strategies.


We ensure optimum operation and integration of your standby generator and prime power generator with the local power grid and control network, including software implementation, emergency simulation, test runs and training.


We can provide 24/7 power generation system monitoring and comprehensive on-site service for all components conducted by experienced technicians with expert knowledge of regional standards and how to apply them.

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Power Generation

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Power Generation

mtu Power Generation Produkte: Mehr Leistung als Sie erwarten!

Wir liefern das gesamte Fachwissen, die Ausrüstung und den Service - alles, was Sie für die Integration Ihrer kompletten, leistungsstarken Energiesysteme benötigen: Von der Kraftstoffversorgung bis zur elektrischen Ausführung.


Power Generation

Energy Storage System

The mtu EnergyPack battery storage system maximizes energy utilization, improving the reliability and profitability of your microgrid.


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